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We have an overnight course and a one day course

The day course starts at 10am and finishes 3pm,  the whole day is spent in the woods, about half of the day spent out exploring and the other half around a woodland basecamp.  It is self catering although we often provide something for you to cook over the fire, and the kettle is always on at basecamp.

We mix fun activities with learning traditional woodland skills like fire lighting, tracking, foraging for wild food and plant identification.  No two courses are alike as the weather and the seasons determine what we find and what activities are most appropriate.


The overnight course starts at 5pm and finishes at 3pm the following day, staying overnight in the woods.  We look at various different styles of shelter and then cook our evening meal over the fire, the following day follows the style of the day course, but we have more time to go into depth with the various traditional skills.

If you have any further questions just email david @ [email protected] or call 07967393272.

28th May (BH Monday)
29th May (Tuesday)
2nd June (Saturday)
16th June (Saturday)
22nd July (Sunday)
17th-18th Aug (Friday & Saturday) - Overnight
 26th-27th August (Friday & Saturday) - Overnight

Course Fees:
£35 per person for one day
£65 per person for the overnight

group discounts & private bookings available



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About Us

Being out in nature is a magical experience but modern living removes us from it more and more. So, our mission is to get people to reconnect with the fun and adventures they can have outdoors. With the hope that this might make people value and protect the natural world rather than just exploit it...

Saffron Walden
07967 393 272
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