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Disclaimer The information provided on www.wildlore.co.uk is for general informational and educational purposes only. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on our website. However, the information about wild foods and the suggested recipes for using them are based on traditional uses and are not approved by food […]

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Wild Garlic

The Bluebells are out and with them are the Ransoms (wild garlic – Allium ursinum) one of the best foraging treats in spring (in my opinion anyway) it grows in shady areas and broadleaf woodlands. You can often smell a hint of garlic in the air before you see them. I have just gathered some […]

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Jack by Hedge

Foraging for food can really give your sense of well-being a boost especially in our current situation. Spring is here and there are lots of plants coming up that we can eat. […]

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Being out in nature is a magical experience but modern living removes us from it more and more. So, our mission is to get people to reconnect with the fun and adventures they can have outdoors. With the hope that this might make people value and protect the natural world rather than just exploit it…

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