Family Bushcraft Days & Overnight Campouts

On this course you are allowed to be a kid again, and hang out with your children. We make sure everyone is safe so you can relax and as a family share that innocent sense of excitement and adventure as you rediscover the wild.

A modern family rarely gets the time to be together without constant distractions pulling our attention; TV, internet, social media, work.  In the woods, nature gently brings us back together as we learn ancient skills, make fire, and reignite our imaginations with hands on traditional skills.

Family Days

Spend the day on a guided woodland walk through a beautiful ancient woodland. Along the route we will find wild foods, discover the secrets of the trees and wildlife of the woods, then in our woodland camp we have lunch and learn how to light a fire, and try a traditional skill, then we head back out the woods and learn about tracking and wild navigation.

Family Overnight

We have designed this course to be an adventure for the family. Our aim is that you awake and the first thing you see is the wild woods around you rather than the inside of a tent. You can enhance your camp by having a small fire beside your shelter, this is a lovely way to fall asleep to flickering firelight. We show you how to do this safely.

Once your camp is all set we show you some fireside crafts and how to cook your evening meal on the main camp fire.

Group discounts & private bookings available

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About W.I.L.D

Wilderness Imagination Learning & Discovery

Being out in nature is a magical experience but modern living removes us from it more and more. So, our mission is to get people to reconnect with the fun and adventures they can have outdoors. With the hope that this might make people value and protect the natural world rather than just exploit it…

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Monthly Updates

We will send you a monthly update about which wilds foods are in season and tips on safe foraging, and we will keep you posted about upcoming courses.