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This summer I have broken up the camps into age groups as the older kids need bigger challenges and younger kids need a little bit more guidance.  That said the age groupings are not set in stone and I can be flexible if it makes organizing your summer activities easier.

All camps start at 10am until 3pm
They will need pack lunch
A list of "what to bring" and directions will be sent to you when you confirm your booking
£20 per child

enter your details in book online form and we will reserve your place and send details of how to pay

5 - 7 Year Olds
We get the kids to explore their senses which then helps them to learn about the secret life of the woods. We do this through games and teaching basic skills. They will also be lighting fires, tracking and den building. Then at the end of the day we show them how to look after the land and leave no trace.
The kids light and manage their own fires

7 - 10 yrs
The woodland is the perfect place to let them explore that growing sense of independence. We teach them some ancient skills and then, with guidance, let them explore the woods, showing them which plants are wild foods and which medicines, which sticks make best bows and arrows, and again they get to light a fire for toasting wild marshmallows, if there are any growing in the woods this time of year!

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10 - 14 yrs
We start to teach them self reliance in the woods and we do this through tracking, natural navigation, and learning some hunter-gathers skills from the stone age. Then they have to use these new skills to create a temporary base camp and light a fire by friction.

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Being out in nature is a magical experience but modern living removes us from it more and more. So, our mission is to get people to reconnect with the fun and adventures they can have outdoors. With the hope that this might make people value and protect the natural world rather than just exploit it...

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